Mallory Barnett, Guest Services

Mallory Barnett - Hairfolk

Mallory Barnett | Guest Services

Mallory has worked in the service industry since she was 16—restaurants, retail, doctor’s offices, and more. Today, she owns her own business in Crestwood, and she helps Hairfolk with client services weekly.

“I love seeing the difference in how clients carry themselves when they walk in versus when thy leave,” she says. “They always leave happy and a little more confident.”

 When she’s not at Hairfolk, you’ll find her at Elements, or walking her dog, Lowe, and working around the house.

 Name 3 people you love to follow on Instagram.
– She makes me laugh on a daily basis.
@kathleen_barnes – I love her style, she’s funny, and she’s a little more relatable than big-time influences.
@mimissippivegan – I am not vegan, but he’s hilarious and his recipes do inspire me to go meatless every once in a while. They are always delicious.