Jesse Isbell, Stylist


Jesse Isbell | Stylist

A salon is the perfect environment for stylist Jesse Isbell, who’s been doing hair for five years. “Every day holds something new,” he says.

Indeed, for Isbell, a salon is the perfect place where he can explore his creative side, surrounded by friends, stylists, and other experts who help him grow and discover new techniques and styles. “You learn something new every day and can never get too comfortable because styles are always changing.”

Jesse aims to give his clients looks that suit their personality, style, and most importantly, make them feel beautiful. “I love being able to make people feel good about themselves,” he says.

Jesse is a dog dad and a book worm, so feel free to start a conversation with him by asking about his pup or his newest read. And if he’s got to pick a movie to watch, it will be “Hot Chick,” he says. “I laugh all the way through it every time.”

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