Izzy Loya Hernandez, Salon Assistant

Izzy - Hairfolk

Izzy Loya Hernandez | Salon Assistant

Izzy joined the Hairfolk team in 2018 as a salon assistant. Prior to working in the salon, he held jobs in customer service and restaurants—both areas that require attention to detail and customers’ needs. That’s why Izzy is such a wonderful member of the Hairfolk team. As a salon assistant, he cares for clients, from washing hair to making you comfortable in the chair.

Izzy is new to Birmingham, so he enjoys trying new restaurants and experiences. He moved here from North Carolina with his husband and two dogs. On the weekends, you can find them working on projects around the house.

Name 2 people you love to follow on Instagram.
– Mexican YouTubers that are super funny
@andrehamann – He’s a model, clean, cute, and very romantic.