Fran Chaiprakob, Master Stylist


Fran Chaiprakob | Master Stylist

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to do hair,” Fran Chaiprakob says. “I can’t say something inspired me as much as I can say doing hair is just a part of me and always has been.”

In fact, Fran recalls as a child observantly watching as her mother had her hair done. “I did my dolls’ hair, my friends’ hair, and my own hair,” she says.

Today, more than 14 years after she started doing hair professionally, Fran still finds joy from piecing together the perfect look for every client. If you find yourself in Fran’s chair, you’ll realize right away how warm, assured, and passionate she is. Her sense of style and creative direction helps her hone a look that can make you feel beautiful and confident, whether you’re seeking for a simple trim or a whole new look.

“Creating the magic combination of color, cut, and style for each particular client is like cracking a code,” she says. “I love solving that mystery.”

What would your best friend say most people don’t know about you? I asked her, and she said I love to dance; I dry my hair on low; and I’m a great storyteller.

Who is one person we should all follow on Instagram? Celeste Barber—there is just about nothing funnier.